Short boundaries

Apologies for the digging around the container. Just couldn’t help myself. But the ground is hard at the moment so I’ll leave any more tunneling for the time being.

That hard ground favours the batters. And have you seen the short park-side boundary for the twos? A day for 2nd team batters. And the third team deck should play well.

With temperatures above ground reaching the mid 20s pick batters with some fitness. All that running singles looks like hard work to me.

I hear Lee Newton and James Borman are 12th men. So you might want to leave your transfers right up to the deadline in case there are any warm-up injuries.

Friday rumours of late changes

I overheard that

  • Karkoski out
  • Ryan Plom up to the ones
  • Sappo up to the twos
  • George Pratt not fit
  • Jack Pryor up to the threes
  • Sammy Newton up to the threes
  • Joel ‘Jackamo’ Ackerman and Asmat into the fours
  • Imi a fitness doubt with Josh McClean set to debut

Late transfers

How late do you dare make your transfers? The deadline is mid-day on Saturday. Transfer earlier and you might regret it. Get distracted or a bad phone signal and you might miss out altogether.

Us moles don’t really see the effect of rain until a day or so after it has soaked in. But yesterday’s flat tracks – are they being affected by the odd shower that is rolling through the Brentwood area this morning?

And what about late pull outs? Arun Gauthum withdrew early in the week to catch up on revision. Greg Larkin withdrew a bit later when he heard he’d be getting a Wanstead tea rather than Ma Larkins‘ perfick offering. Lewis Southcott and Alan Moreton come up to the thirds, with Ciaran Dunleavy coming into the 4s and Sukanda Maitra making his debut.

Focus on the fours

I hear people asking ‘Can the youngsters make it in the 4th XI’? Well, the view from the mole hill is:

  • They struggled last week on a deck with balls lifting off a length.
  • On Sunday the U13s won 20/20 match by an innings and 100 runs (!!)
  • The sun will be baking the 3rd team deck this week.
  • They’ll be up against a struggling Gidea Park and Romford.

You figure.

Asmat, Neil and Tahir are yet to take a decent haul this season. But this talpa europeda backs them to be deliver you fantasy points come Saturday.

And Cap’n Southcott – expect to see some slow brewed, (alcohol removed) flat track bullying when back on home field this weekend.