Focus on the fours

I hear people asking ‘Can the youngsters make it in the 4th XI’? Well, the view from the mole hill is:

  • They struggled last week on a deck with balls lifting off a length.
  • On Sunday the U13s won 20/20 match by an innings and 100 runs (!!)
  • The sun will be baking the 3rd team deck this week.
  • They’ll be up against a struggling Gidea Park and Romford.

You figure.

Asmat, Neil and Tahir are yet to take a decent haul this season. But this talpa europeda backs them to be deliver you fantasy points come Saturday.

And Cap’n Southcott – expect to see some slow brewed, (alcohol removed) flat track bullying when back on home field this weekend.

Covers, fingers, teas and changes

I see the covers are on at Shenfield despite the sun being out. It’ll get sweaty under there. I fancy the seam bowlers in the first innings. Karen Sapsford on teas today, so the running around in the field may be a bit slower in the second innings. Looks like an important toss for second team captain George Pratt.

1st team keeper Jack Potticary was seen with a poorly finger. Heard he’s handing over the gloves to Jack Kliber.

Haris Mahmood had to withdraw this week. That moved Tom Austin, Max Bear and Dom Watts up and is giving a 4th team debut to Max Toolan … another of the Ballington clan.

Shy attention seekers

Us moles are shy attention seekers. We hide underground but we like to make a statement with our mole hills all over the shop. Before the first round of games I told you that Smudger, Pratty and Owen would be ones to watch. Smudger and Owen were the top run scorers and Pratty the top scoring wicket keeper. NOW I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION.

For week 2 be aware of injuries. The 1s, 2s and 4s escaped relatively unscathed, but the 3s saw Lee Newton and James MacClean tweak various bits of anatomy.

If the tracks remain green and soft next week then keep your big money on the bowlers and clean hitters in week 2.

The mole’s first dig

As an impartial follower of the Shenfield Cricket Club fantasy league let me share the inside scoop.

In the pre-season there was a loud twang that echoed underground. Seemingly a guy called Chris Dingley snapping his achilles. Time to sub him out of your team.

What about the skippers? Smudger saves his best for the big occasions and the first game of the campaign is one of those. I’ve not heard Pratty’s back creaking this week so he should be good at the top of the order and with the gloves. Raver will bat himself down the order until there’s a flat track and fast outfield. And I spotted Owen in the opticians over the winter so he should be seeing it well.